A Thank You Letter From Joanna

I wish you and all at the Replacement Child Forum many blessings for 2022.

I very much enjoyed the YouTube posting (see the post and video here) of the discussion part of your Seminar with Henry Abramovitch.

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In particular the idea of not needing eventually to keep the ‘identity’ of being a ‘replacement child’ spoke to me, but instead having the positive vision that through the process of individuation, it’s possible to find one’s authentic identity.

I also appreciated the discussion concerning sibling transference and the yearning for wholeness, in the context of transference in the therapeutic relationship.

The issue of ritual and creativity to help to process loss was also very positive.

I look forward to hearing others’ feedback on the above discussion.

Wishing you all the best for 2022,


Joanna Parkes MBACP, United Kingdom
BSc Reflective Therapeutic Practice
Dip. Therapeutic Counseling