Judy Mandel

Judy L. Mandel, is the author of the New York Times Best SellerReplacement Child ~ a memoir. Her new book is WHITE FLAG.

Her essays, articles and short stories have appeared in Kveller.com34th ParallelThe Tishman ReviewConnecticut LIFE, ASJA Monthly, Complete Wellbeing Magazine, Connecticut Authors and Publishers Magazine, The Southampton Review, American Writers Review and other publications.

To learn more about Judy or to contact her, visit her web site; judymandel.com.

Kristina E. Schellinski

Kristina E. Schellinski, M.A., is the author of Individuation for Adult Replacement Children, Ways of Coming into Being (Routledge, 2019). She is Supervisor/Teaching Analyst in private practice, Geneva, and with the C. G. Jung Institute, Küsnacht.

To learn more about Kristina, visit her web site at: kristina-schellinski.com. You can also write to her at:  k.schellinski@replacement-child-professionals.com.

Rita Silverman

Rita J. Battat is the co-author of the Independent Publishers Award winning book, “Replacement Children: The Unconscious Script” which delves into The similarities of thoughts, feelings and challenges for individuals whose family is suffering after the loss of a child or pregnancy, is living with a sibling facing difficult challenges, loss of a twin or is adopted.

Rita holds a BA in Psychology from Texas Wesleyan University and is a life coach and talent manager. As an adult replacement child herself, the inspiration for this book was born of personal experience.

To contact Rita, write to her at; battat342@aol.com