Am I my brother’s keeper, my sister’s keeper?

The is pleased to share a dialogue by

Prof. Henry Abramovitch, Tel Aviv University, Israel, and Founding President and Senior Training Analyst of the Israel Institute of Jungian Psychology in honor of Erich Neumann, and Author of Brothers and Sisters. Myth and Reality, 2014


Kristina Schellinski, M.A., Co-Founder of the Replacement Child Forum, Senior Training Analyst and Supervisor of the C.G. Jung Institute Zürich-Küsnacht, Switzerland, and Author of Individuation for Adult Replacement Children. Ways of Coming into Being, 2019

held at the

 International Online Workshop for mental health professionals on the clinical importance of working with sibling dynamics in therapy, with special attention to the replacement child on Saturday, December 18, 202.

My Brother's Keeper

Henry Abramovitch and Kristina Schellinski discuss key theoretical & research insights as well as clinical dilemmas in working with overt and covert Sister & Brother Issues in diagnosis and the therapeutic process, archetypal images and phenomena of transference/counter-transference.

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