The following resources will be available for practitioners to help with the diagnosis and treatment of adult replacement children.

Kristina Schellinski M.A./Dipl. Psy. and author of “Individuation for Adult Replacement Children” will offer the following courses on-line (via zoom) for inscription:

1. An introduction course on Individuation for Adult Replacement Children
(2 hours, with discussion).

2. In-depth study courses (each 2 hours, with discussion) of the replacement child condition’s impact on

      • attachment
      • identity formation
      • grief 
      • multiple layers of guilt
      • difficulties in relationship
      • transgenerational transmission and prevention 

3. Supervision for health practitioners working with adult replacement child patients/clients.

4. Consultancy advice for health professionals, family doctors, pediatricians, gynecologists, obstetricians, counsellors and policy-makers.

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