Kristina Schellinski, Ard Nieuwenbroek and Julia Gohlke discuss navigating life after the loss of a child.

This video shares the presentation by Kristina Schellinski at the Elviskinderen (Elvis Children) Symposium, recorded Nov. 30, 2023 in Zaltbommel, The Netherlands.

A Conversation with Ard Nieuwenbroek – Join Kristina, Judy and Rita for their discussion with Contextual Psychotherapist, Ard Nieuwenbroek about his new book, Elviskinderen (Elvis Children).

Frank About Health – Following Up with The Replacement Child Forum to discuss Forgiveness

Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder and Director of Programmes, shares with the kind permission of Auditorium Netzwerk her Conference in German:

Auf Spuren-Suche nach dem ur-eigenen Leben (Looking for traces of your original life) which she presented at the International Society for Depth Psychology, in Lindau (Lake of Constance, Germany) on 2 November 2022. 

The theme of the Conference was: ÜberLebensBilder: Quellen innerer Kraft which translates into: Images of Survival: Sources of inner Strength.

For those who prefer reading the conference, the power point presentation is also graciously made available min the original German here, and translated to English here.

Judy Mandel talks with Dr. Jared Schwartzer, Ph.D, about brain chemistry, epigenetics and Substance Use Disorder.

Judy Mandel in Conversation with Kristina Schellinski about Judy’s new book WHITE FLAG.

Frank About Health has a discussion with the founding members of the Replacement Child Forum, Judy Mandel, Kristina Schellinski and Rita Battat to follow up on the discussion that we had with Judy Mandel on understanding the forum’s mission on helping survivors of Replacement Child Syndrome and to start a discussion on the path to self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others who within the family made them feel “Less Than”.

Spiritual Development in Adult Replacement Children

Henry Abramovitch and Kristina Schellinski discuss key theoretical & research insights as well as clinical dilemmas in working with overt and covert Sister & Brother Issues.

Replacement Child Art: A Creativity Webinar

How to Cope with a Pregnancy After a Loss

2nd Global Community Webinar – Insightful Discussions on Identity.

To view or download the slides that accompany this video, click here.

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