Happy Birthday Replacement Child Forum

It gave me a new and clearer alignment 

Since I was a teenager and for reasons still partially unknown, a deep emotional connection with some of the most famous Replacement Children and an extreme admiration for their artistic production have shown up in the unconscious products of my psyche- in my dreams and in my imaginations- and have guided my attitude and my interests in terms of artistic interests, reading and studies.

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The tragedy in the flights to James Matthew Barrie’s Neverland and the shadows cast by the stars on Van Gogh’s home village, have found resonance in me long before I got to know about their Replacement Children condition. But what I knew about these fishers of identity has assumed a new and clearer alignment around the work of Kristina Schellinski and her Co-Founders Judy Mandel and Rita Battat and the valuable work of the researchers on this topic, made available by the Replacement Child Forum. 

Her bold exploration and her major contribution about the topic have shed a light on the sea of my questions, and my powerful emotions and feeble attempts seemed to surprisingly assimilate themselves into it. Her brave descent and her bright and enlightened ascent have shed a light on the journey towards the True Self, the reappropriation of the individuality, the glorious rebirth of many children born, both yesterday and today, on the shadow of someone else.

Thank you.