Celebrating Three Years of Replacement Child Forum

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Thank you to all who have who have contributed to our blogs, webinars and letters, and who have consulted with us on this growing platform. The number of visitors is growing and we are very pleased to have many new subscribers from around the world. 

We offer an ever growing knowledge base, new research results including, links to scholarly articles, and other resources, as well as valuable personal sharing by replacement children and therapists. 

Some highlights of media centered on our efforts have been:

Over the past three years, we have heard from a growing number of replacement children who are more conscious and more balanced in their lives because of our replacement child community, and have sought help in therapy or self-help in a group.  When replacement children feel understood and learn to understand themselves, a vital step towards recovering and reconnecting with own life force is taken.

With our special thanks to our Honorary Advisory Board members Albert & Barbara Cain and Andrea Sabbadini, who pioneered the research and are still supporting us in our efforts. 

Take a look at the below video, featuring some of the heartfelt anniversary messages we received.

Here’s to our next chapter!

With our sincere appreciation,

Replacement Child Forum Co-Founders: Judy L. Mandel, Kristina Schellinski, Rita Battat

We also wanted to share a special video message from our good friend Frank Harrison, host of Frank About Health. You can watch our Frank About Health shows in our Videos tab here.