The Replacement Child – Reclaiming of the Self

A Live Webinar with Zack Eleftheriadou, Andrea Sabbadini, and Kristina Schellinski

Saturday, 5 February 2022

We are pleased to announce that our Co-Founder, Kristina Schellinski and our Honorary Advisory Board Member, Andrea Sabbadini will be hosted by Zack Eleftheriadou from Confer UK to offer this insightful training seminar for all professionals who come into contact with grieving parents and replacement children, who are born to replace or assigned the role to replace another human being.

The Replacement Child - Reclaiming of the Self

Families face intense emotional pain when a child has died or gone missing. For complex reasons, this loss and trauma can remain unresolved and unconscious across one or more generations. This powerful psychological atmosphere can impact any other child in the family but it is especially powerful for the child born after the loss.

In this conference, Kristina Schellinski, a Jungian analyst, will be citing from her book, “Individuation for Adult Replacement Children. Ways of Coming into Being” (2019) and outline her ideas on the ‘replacement child’ through illuminating images, Jungian literature, and examples of famous historical figures who were replacement children. Andrea Sabbadini, a psychoanalyst, known for his scholarly publications on the experience of loss as depicted in the arts and cinema, as well as through his published work entitled The Replacement Child (in the text Boundaries and Bridges, 2014), will present a psychoanalytic account of the diverse ways the replacement child condition can manifest in adult life.  The speakers will address how replacement child dynamics can leave a person with a confusing and fragmented identity, relational difficulties, and sense of existential insecurity. Through clinical material, we will learn the significance of recognizing this condition and how these unconscious themes can be sensitively considered within the therapeutic relationship.

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