A Thank You Letter

Dear Judy, Dear Rita,

I have seen your video “Open to Hope. Episode 73, Replacement Children” on YouTube. I am deeply touched, both of you were very authentic and natural. The content of everything was clearly understandable. I think it is very important to point out that it is of great importance to pay attention to the pain of the father and the other siblings. As a replacement child I think this is important to understand the syndrome of the replacement child in its entirety. I am all the more pleased about your podcast on the replacementchildforum.com.

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I find this website very, very helpful and enriching. It is always exciting and heartwarming to read how other replacement children, in whatever degree of awareness, share their experiences and how they dare to share their innermost being in the form of texts and paintings.

Many thanks to Kristina, Judy and Rita for this enrichment, which is connected with so much work and effort for you, all. It really helps me and I am sure, others, as well.

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