Hope for the New Year

As an adult replacement child, I am grateful simply for the fact that I am alive; today, and maybe tomorrow and the day after…

My heart goes out to all who lost a loved one this year. And to those who lost the certainty of their livelihood, who worry what will come. Some may even have lost hope…

For the new year, I have one wish for you: hope. Imagine hope, feel hope, hold onto hope, nurture hope, let it grow in you, then pass it on to others…

Happy New Year 2021

There is reason for hope, even in this pandemic, a vaccine program is under way in many parts of the world. Tremendous effort has gone into caring for the sick. We know that we are part of one world. We are all vulnerable. A tiny virus you cannot see stopped us ‘dead in our tracks’, affecting all of us, folks in the city and the countryside, the rich and the poor, the elderly bore the brunt, being the most vulnerable to succumb to the virus, also the younger generations were deeply affected, some in their health, and most in their way of life.

Hope that it will be better in the new year! We only have one way: to go forward, with love and understanding, with trust and with hope.

Say yes to life, and say it wholeheartedly. 

The source of light? We see it when we are in the dark!

It indicates to us the way, forward into life.

As we enter the New Year: let hope carry the day.

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