AFFLICTION Podcast Now Available

We’ve all had some kind of affliction. Whether it’s psychological, physical or situational. And we all deal with adversity in different ways. In each episode, we’ll talk to people who recognize and use their own affliction in their lives, as well as psychologists and other experts who counsel them. It may be addiction recovery, the trauma of disease and treatment, or in the case of the host, her role as a replacement child. Hopefully you will take away useful information for your own life.

hosted by New York Times Bestselling author Judy L. Mandel

In her first episode, Judy talks with Rita J. Battat, BA in psychology, life coach, and talent manager and co-founder of

In her conversation with Judy, Rita answers the question of how being a replacement child affected her life and how writing her book has changed her feeling about it. They talk about commonalities for replacement children and discuss some famous replacement children like Elvis, Vincent Van Gogh, and Carl Jung. One way people deal with any kind of affliction is to find a community in order to understand more about themselves.

AFFLICTION is available now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, PocketCast,, with more sources coming soon.

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