Special Opportunity for Analysts and Therapists, Module III

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Therapists and analysts are invited to a webinar at the C. G. Jung Institute-Zürich, Switzerland with Kristina Schellinski, Teaching Analyst, Supervisor and Author of Individuation for Adult Replacement Children, Ways of Coming into Being (2019)

on 25 October, 2021 from 15.30 – 18.45 (Central European Time)


on 26 October 2021, 9.35 – 12.50 (Central European Time)

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This seminar will focus on how the replacement child conditions impacts on the image of self and other, affecting the relationships to one’s own, inner self as well as relationships with our partners, children and friends. It has affected Carl Gustav Jung, who was born after three dead children as well as other famous people, such as the artists Vincent van Gogh and Salvador Dali.

Examples from clinical practice will show how our understanding of the replacement child condition can lead to a deeper appreciation of life as well as to an intimate relationship with one’s soul and rewarding relationships with other human beings.

This seminar follows my introduction given in the fall of 2020; a short summary is available on the youtube channel of the replacementchildforum.com.  

This seminar is given in the Block Training Program for Analysts by the C.G. Jung Institute in Zürich (Switzerland) and offers special access to therapists and analysts subscribed to replacementchildforum.com

To register write budai@junginstitut.ch for a fee of 75.- Swiss Francs (CHF).

We suggest using https://wise.com/ to keep transfer fees low, additional bank fees and local exchange rates may apply. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive an email with your code giving access to the zoom session.

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