Replacement Child Art: A Creativity Webinar

On Saturday, November 6, 2021, Replacement Child Forum held our first Creativity Webinar, with participants from around the world.

Though we knew that adult replacement children were a very creative group, the quality and breadth of the art presented was awesome. We had writers, visual artists including painters and sculptors, as well as musicians. The sense of community in our discussion following the presentations was a warm and uniting experience for us all.

You can view the recorded event below, and we have included the expanded presentation as a download if you are interested in viewing the readings. Those who have participated are welcome to post this YouTube link and/or blog to their social media.

If you are an adult replacement child and would like to participate in future webinars, please write to

Please pass this on to others who may also be interested.

To view the complete PowerPoint presentation used in the Webinar, click the slide below.

Creativity Webinar - First Slide

The complete song, The Stolen Child by Jean-Claude Denniel (composer) and Eric Dulorier (lyrics) is below.

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