Does Counseling Help Adult Replacement Children? Help Our Community with Research

If you are an adult replacement child, we are asking for your participation in an important research project, and invite you to a subsequent webinar to discuss the results on April 20, 12 noon ET or 18.00 Central European Time, 17:00 GMT. Please check for your local time.

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Replacement Child Forum is partnering with student Lizette Baker who is in her final year of study for an Advanced Diploma in Counseling at Heartwood Centre for Counseling and Psychotherapy based in Dartington Hall in Devon, England. She asks for your help in her research to learn:

How can therapists best identify the Replacement Child Syndrome and which approach best helps to promote healing and reduce trans-generational trauma?

If you can, please complete the attached questionnaire by April 15 in order to allow discussion of the findings at the April 20th webinar. We at Replacement Child Forum are very pleased to be part of this research project and hope that you will participate to help further the awareness of the condition and the counseling that may benefit our community.

If you would like to be included on the Zoom webinar on April 20, please send us your email address to

Thank you all in advance for your participation!

Here is the questionnaire link:

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