Replacement Children, The Unconscious Script – 2nd Edition Now Available

We are excited to announce the release of the new 2nd edition of Replacement Children, The Unconscious Script, written by Replacement Child Forum co-founding member Rita J. Battat and Abigail Brenner, M.D.

Replacement Children - Second Edition Cover

This award winning second edition includes new information and stories to help answer the question, what becomes of a child caught up in an unconscious script having to fill a void in a family.

A question rarely addressed but when properly understood, can expose the often hidden root of emotional issues, help to explain coping strategies, and answer questions you never knew to ask.

Replacement Children The Unconscious Script delves into the similarities of thoughts, feelings and challenges for individuals whose family is suffering after loss of a child or pregnancy, is living with a sibling facing diffcult challenges, loss of a twin, or is adopted.

When exploring feelings and behaviors within these concepts, adult replacement children will gain an understanding of themselves in a whole new light.

This awareness is life-changing!

Rita J. Battat

Rita J. Battat,

BA in psychology, life coach, and talent manager. As an adult replacement child herself, the inspiration for this book was born of personal experience. She is a co-founder of

Abigail Brenner

Abigail Brenner,

MD, psychiatrist and author of five books. Noted for her monthly blog for Psychology Today as well as TV and radio appearances.

In a forward written by journalist and broadcaster Katie Couric she says;

“This book will give parents, therapists and replacement children a better understanding of how to navigate this complicated set of circumstances and provide much needed information, guidance and support.”

Kristina Schellinski, Teaching Psychoanalyst & Supervisor and Psychotherapist, Author of Individuation for Adult Replacement Children says;

Reading this powerful and insightful book can transform your life!

When your life was linked to the disappearance of a sibling or other person, a variety of symptoms may affect your life and finally find an explanation when reading this much-awaited second edition of Replacement Children – The Unconscious Script by Rita Battat and Abigail Brenner.

You may understand the many turns and twists of your life when you find a reflection in the many courageous first-hand stories shared in this book. It inspires adult replacement children to examine the manifold expectations, projections and identifications connected with this condition and allows you to discover a much deeper level to your existence. 

This new edition is available from Amazon. You can purchase it by using this link below, or visit our Books page here.

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