Announcing The Memoir Writing Workshop

Writing Your Memoir Can be Healing

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I have just begun a virtual Memoir Writing Workshop on Substack that I believe may be of interest to our subscribers at Replacement Child Forum.


Writing your story can be extremely healing for those of us who identify as replacement children for whatever reason. I can tell you from my own experience of writing Replacement Child – a memoir, that writing about my family tragedy that took the life of my sister before I was born has given me clarity about my own life. The first step of beginning that writing journey was in believing that my story was important, that my own life was not just as a replacement for my sister. It was healing for me on many fronts, including helping me move on from anger to forgiveness. Take a look at my new memoir writing workshop at the link below and consider subscribing to join the group. The free subscription will give you some writing advice, and the paid subscription (just $5.00 per month) will allow for individual feedback and questions. I look forward to working with you on your story.

For more information about her SubStack workshop, click here.

To work with Judy one-on-one, write to her with the Subject: Memoir Coaching, at,