Join Us for “The Angel Mama ABC: Navigating the Journey After Pregnancy and Baby Loss” Talk!

Date & Time: February 3, 2024, 12.00 EST, 18.00 CET

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Embark on a journey of healing and resilience with Julia Gohlke, Bereaved Mom and Grief & Growth Coach (TCM Mastery Coach and Systemic Therapist in Training), who has been counseling parents who have lost a baby since 2018, alongside Kristina Schellinski, Author,  Supervisor,  Psychoanalyst and Psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in counseling replacement children.

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Why Is This Important?

Discover how Angel Mothers (and Fathers) can begin their healing journey after pregnancy and baby loss and prevent the “making” of replacement children.

Learn how to navigate complex emotions and experiences associated with this profound journey.

❤️ What to Expect:

Heartfelt Stories: Julia shares her personal journey, offering insights into the struggles and growth.

Professional advice by an experienced counselor and coach for bereaved parents.

Building Awareness: break the silence surrounding pregnancy loss and understand the vital role of getting support.

Coping Strategies: Explore practical coping mechanisms and ways to create healing spaces.

🎙 Speakers:

Julia Gohlke: Bereaved mother and Grief & Growth Counselor, TCM Mastery Coach and Systemic Therapist in Training and the create of a Podcast and Youtube Channel on Grief, Trauma and Transformation


Kristina Schellinski:, Co-Founder of and, Author, Psychoanalyst/Psychotherapist and Supervisor, teaching and lecturing internationally.

🌸 Who Should Attend?

Anyone who has experienced loss as well as anyone who supports those dealing with the complex emotions of pregnancy and infant loss.

We offer a safe and supportive space for free.

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There are limited places.  Sign up the by Saturday, 31 January 2024, to receive a zoom link to attend on Saturday, 3 February 2024, at 12.00 EST (USA East Coast), 18.00 CET (Berlin/Zürich)

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