In Response to Preferred Health Magazine Article

Thanks Judy, for expressing so well how, I suppose, many of us replacement children, are feeling during the pandemic time. Just knowing that gives us a sense of “kinship” and helps to feel less isolated. Maybe even to avoid falling into the abyss of emptiness the suspension of the life‘s flow opens in us during lockdown.

The reality of the threat of death, intensified by our isolation and separation from familiar relationships, as well as the loss of structure, awakes such feelings of uncertanity and of abandonment, buried deeply in our old trauma. But sharing these feelings and awareness of them helps to keep in flow our life force, in whatever tiny form that life force can reveal itself today.

That is the main thing, and that is what articles like yours, dear Judy, bring to us. Thank you, it is precious.

Egle Minelgaite-Beinoriene

Egle Minelgaite-Beinoriene is a Jungian Analyst and Psychotherapist from Lithuania.

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