Holy Mother Wisdom

I am a replacement child and artist.  I have travelled an inner journey for 25 years.  You can find my grief process and creative finding of my true self on:


and https://carolinemackenzie.co.uk

Holy Mother Wisdom Is My Latest Creation

Holy Mother Wisdom bronze Caroline Mackenzie
Holy Mother Wisdom by Caroline Mackenzie

A large feminine figure holds in her arms The Lovers (upper centre right to viewer), The Girl Dancing on the Lion’s Tail (upper left), The Young Woman and the Lion (lower left), The Angry or Prophetic Woman (centre right) – reflecting changes in my healing process. I finally found love for the full humanity of the me, as a woman after having been born to replace a two-year-old boy.

From the Birth of the Divine Girl (2005), to Wisdom Leaping Down (2015) to the Holy Mother Wisdom it has been a deeply spiritual journey for me and my gift to the collective re-valuing the feminine.

In embracing the woman, the man is aware of

  • the freedom she had as a child and still has as a grown woman.
  • her relationship with her animus symbolised by the lion.  She is on her own path.  She owns her gifts and talents and her ambitions.
  • her anger at the cultural constructions that often block the unfolding of women as whole human beings. He remembers the prophetesses Miriam and Deborah and acknowledges she is in this tradition.

The large woman who embraces all these aspects of the woman with love is a life-giving God image for me.  It enables me to accept and love the whole of myself as a creative subject.  It is from this place I embrace the man.