A Thank You Letter

I hope you are well.

I have finally stolen an hour to watch the replacement child finding identity. It was so immense I can resonate with all the experiences and how people feel, especially the feeling of ‘the being’ being outside looking in. I think the word in David’s case ‘imposter’ and not deserving to be alive resonated with me also. That was very powerful, a feeling of being understood by the 34 who attended.

Photo by - Gemma Evans

Since finding this site my life has changed. Thank you for all your time and effort in bringing replacement children together. Your hard work has undoubtedly impacted many lives.

Your work is really important. Will there be another webinar?

Thank you so much for your letter. We have heard from participants that the webinars have been validating and helped them understand they are not alone. We will be planning another soon. Watch this space!

All our best,

Replacement Child Forum

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