A Letter from Joanna Parkes

This year whilst embarking upon a degree in Reflective Practice, I realized that many of my sources of suffering could be seen coherently in one clinically described syndrome or condition. 

Photo by - Gemma Evans

Through the exercise of an academic literature search I learned of the Replacement Child Forum and Kristina Schellinski’s book on “Individuation for Adult Replacement Children: Ways of Coming into Being”. 

I was the GP’s prescription to help to heal my mother’s depression after my brother’s cot death. I was used throughout my childhood as her confidante and felt an emotional confluence with her which had lasting relational effects on my life. 

I found identity in a nursing career, in religious searching and now through training to become a therapist and the fruits of my reflective enquiry. This study along with my own therapy is helping to process the long term relational trauma which has stemmed from my Replacement Child Condition.   

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