A special opportunity to understand yourself

If you were born or designated to replace a sibling or other person.

Join a zoom seminar by Kristina Schellinski (M.A.)

Author of Individuation for Adult Replacement Children, Ways of Coming into Being (2019), Teaching Analyst & Supervisor with the C.G. Jung Institute Zürich, Switzerland.

Urge and Compulsion Quote
Image: Courtesy of the C.G. Jung Institute Zürich Alumni Association

In the first session, we look at symptoms and core areas of the replacement child condition: identity and self-esteem, unconscious grief and guilt, solitude and relational challenges. 

In the second session, we look at the individuation process that allows adult replacement children to re-discover their own true self and reconnect with their unique, irreplaceable soul.

The on-line seminar is organized by the Antenne Romande of the C.G. Jung Institute-Zürich on Wednesday, 20 et 27 January 2021, 19h45 – 21h30 
(Central European Time).
Cost : Swiss Francs 60.-

For your online inscription required until 16 January 2021,

please go to https://www.jungantenneromande.ch/cours-publics

scroll the page till you find the seminar and click: Inscription en ligne.

Fill in the form (which is in French) and click: Envoyer.

Alternatively, write an email with your inscription to: antenneromandecgj(at)bluewin.ch 

Any questions about the seminar ? Write to :  contact@kristina-schellinski.com

Payment in other currencies, i.e. Euro, USD, etc., can be made at transferwise.com  Additional bank fees and local exchange rates may apply.

Upon receipt of CHF 60.- to IBAN CH76 0900 0000 8005 4424 0 BIC POFICHBEXXX you will receive, in due time, a zoom code to attend.

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